Thursday, 15 September 2011

Concept Design Learning Circle 14.9.2011

Students are studying the key concepts and words concerning concept design. Students are working in 2-3 person teams (recommendation: one cbm-tukkk / cbm-taik. and one vkm-taik)

·      Every team gets a theme to work with.
·      Every team gets a big paper and marker pen
·      Teams are given 60 minutes (1 h) time to make a poster about the theme. Teams can work in computer-class or library. According to the poster, team makes guidelines for short one-two minute lecture about the theme
·      Teams got back to Värjäämö after an hour, stick their poster to wall in numeral order
·      One person from the team leaves by the poster and presents the short speech / lecture to those circulating the posters
·      When others have circulated the posters and listened all short lectures other person from the team leaves by the poster and starts lecturing. This is how everyone sees all the posters and also gives lectures

The themes:
1.    Idea
2.    Concept
3.    Concept plan
4.    Proof of Concept, Proof of Principle
5.    Project plan, phases of project
6.    Innovation
7.    User centered design / user generated design
8.    Creative problem solving 
9.    Crowdsourcing
10. Remix culture
11. Creative Commons (
12. Network economy
13. Sales pitch / "pitsaus"

Posters available 

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